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EFT POS Terminals and PinPads

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Core Business

Credibility & Competence

Knowledge + Experience = KNOW-HOW

Our employees are highly skilled engineers and professionals, whose educational background is followed by longtime experience in the business.

What sets us apart



Our experience and openess anable us to easily adapt our processes and operations to your standards and procedures.



We are strongly determined to constantly advance our competence and immediately respond to the challenges of the industry.



Our services include both repairs and deployment of your equipment.

Our customers’ benefits

Short lead time

Our staff form a sufficient workforce to ensure a flexibile responce to a possible, even abrupt increase in the service demand. As a result you can always have your service orders fulfilled on time.

Highest quality

We have been running our business
since 1998. Our hands-on experience in maintaining POS equipment of the leading brands in the industry and performing services to the biggest EFT solution providers in Poland and Europe make us experts, who clearly realize that our work affects your business image.

Online service monitoring

We can provide our customers with a secure online access to our database system so that you can comfortably monitor the work we do for you without leaving your office.

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